Carl Froch Versus Lucian Bute

Saturday night is going to be a great night in Boxing Professors household. The beer is already is in and Dominoes Pizza number at the ready. What is even more exciting is the fact that he is prepared to share who he thinks is going to win the fight which could earn you some pennies down your local bookies. So far their is not one boxing match that the Boxing Professor has got wrong, hopefully this will not be the first.

First of all this should be a really exciting fight Carl Froch is never in a dull fight and you know he always comes to fight. Bute like Froch is also very heavy handed and the professional record speak for themselves. Many people out there have said that Bute hasn’t been tested and this is very hard to argue with. Carl Froch has come off a very hard loss to Andre Ward and will be looking to set the record straight, what is also going to make it harder for Bute is the fact that the fight is in Nottingham Carl Froch’s local city where the stadium sold out as soon as they were advertised.

Many Boxing nut’s are predicting that Bute is going to find this fight easy against a fading Carl Froch, Boxing Professor Doesnt agree with this at, and thinks you should get a bet on the Englishman. We predict that Carl Froch is going to be too strong against the unproven Bute, We also think Froch will be able to force the stoppage.

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Vanquish Boxing Gloves Now Available Internationally

Boxing Professor has a big apology for the amount of posts that have been added lately. This is about to change. So sorry again everyone but there will be much more recent posts in future. I have some great new gloves to review and these will be going up in the next couple of weeks.

Since I gave the Vanquish Boxing products a positive review lots of you have since contacted me and asked me how they could buy the products. I asked the Vanquish Boxing crew and they have now got a international payment option on the website.  So this is great news for anyone who wants to buy these great gloves.

We also are looking for more boxing manufacturers to send there gloves which will get reviewed. So please get on touch and send these in.

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Vanquish Double Wrist Strap Sparring Glove

I have had quite a few email requests regarding a review on these gloves I am sorry it has taken a little while longer than first expected. First a note to all other manufacturers if you would like your gloves reviewed please contact me and I will gladly be able to put a review on this site.

Back to the Vanquish Double Wrist strap Sparring Gloves available from these gloves have a lot to live up from as the Vanquish lace up gloves were so good. The first thing I want to say is that the pictures on the Vanquish boxing website do not do the gloves justice. I will put the a few pictures up of the gloves and please let me know what you think.


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Amir Khan vs Zab Judah

The Boxing Professor is urging all of you to put your money on the British fighter against Zab Judah. Freddie Roach has recently said that for his age Amir Khan is ahead of Pacquiao, and how often does Roach get it wrong?


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Vanquish Pro Lace Sparring Gloves

Vanquish Boxing is the latest boxing manufacturer to come out of the United Kingdom. I don’t really know much about the new and upcoming brand but what I do know is the Pro Lace Sparring gloves are great value. I have wore these gloves for the last few weeks to train in around five times a week and I am very impressed with the gloves this far.



New Boxing Rule!!

The Nevada State commision has made two new rule changes in the Capital of boxing, Las Vegas. These new rules are already happening now in Sin City.

The first rule is that instant replays will used if injuries end up stopping the fight.


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Two Tips To Increase Metabolism

The Boxing Professor is going to give away more free great tips. These two tips can help boost your metabolism by around twenty five percent without doing anything else.

The first tip many people might off already heard off but the second tip will be different to the conventional way off thinking. Try it for to weeks and you will be really suprised with the benefit and you could end up looking like this.


Okay maybe not as good as this in two weeks but you will really notice the difference.

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Boxing Training Timesaving Tip

Many boxers spend six days a week running sometimes around ten miles. There is no better way to lose weight. So if your trying to make weight ignore this advice. If you are running to give your legs more endurance there is a clever way to save time so you can spend more time in the gym where you belong.


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Manny Pacquiao versus Miguel Cotto

The Boxing Professor is really looking forward to this one, hopefully one of the bouts of the year. Many pundits are predicting a very close fight and some edgeing towards the Puerto Rican Cotto.


Cotto is no doubt a great fighter with a massive talent but the Boxing Professor can only see this fight going one way. Freddie Roach has many concerns over his fighters clash on November 15th. Roach believes that Cotto will provide a much sterner test than Ricky Hatton and believes Cotto is in a much higher league than Hatton with many more threats.

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Amazing Workout Drink!!

When we think of workout drinks that boost energy we all believe the marketing hype. What if the boxing professor could advice you of how to make your own energy drink that has more benefits of all of the sports drinks put together, that would help you achieve an ultimate workout cheaply.

Pacquiao Marquez Boxing

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